Play Well,  Work Better

Play Well,  Work Better

    This year is the 18th year of DXC PACK’s establishment, the company can get a long-term, stable development in the flexible packaging manufacturing industry, can not be separated from the high-quality, cohesive team. DXC PACK organized a short company trip from March 5th to 6th in order to further deepen the understanding of employees, improve their team consciousness, and promote the overall construction and development of the team.

    Proper relaxation is to strive for a better future and achieve higher development goals. DXC will continue to invest in the development and production of innovative and sustainable flexible packaging in 2023. We will also participate in Interpack Fair, Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair and SWOP Processing & Packaging this year to explore the global trends in flexible packaging, learn about the latest flexible packaging technologies and equipment, and showcase our latest flexible packaging bags and roll films as well as flexible packaging solutions to our global customers to further enhance DXC PACK ‘s brand awareness.

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