3KG Dry Cat Food Bag
3KG Dry Cat Food Bag

This flat bottom bag with all sides printed can hold up 3kg of dry cat food. It has a high barrier and good weight capacity. The velcro zipper makes it easy for consumers to open and close repeatedly.

We accept customization of bag type, material, capacity,  colors,special finishes, smart opening, accessories,etc.

Custom printed or unprinted is accepted.

Gravure, flexographic and digital printing are available. 

Please note that our MOQ is 5,00 pcs.

We offer free samples for you to test.

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As a pet food packaging manufacturer, DXC PACK can provide the perfect packaging solution for your dry cat food with our simultaneous balance of barrier, load bearing and product visualisation.

A perfect cat dry food pouch should have the following features:

  1. Barrier to moisture, oxygen. DXC cat dry food pouches are made with barrier material, which helps to block all the undesirable elements that harm cat dry food and protects the flavour and freshness of cat dry food.
  2. Display. Flat bottom bags can be printed on all sides, your brand and product information can be fully displayed.
  3. Convenience. This flat bottom cat dry food bag comes with a resealable zip, which is convenient for consumers to feed multiple times.

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Bag Type

Flat bottom pouch, side gusset pouch, three side sealed pouch, shaped pouch, roll film, etc


Die cut window, hanging hole, hot stamping, etc.


Velcro zipper, rip zip, slider zipper, side gusset handle, etc.

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