Child Resistant Mylar Bags
Child Resistant Mylar Bags

The custom stand-up pouch is made from a composite of PE and PET material with a certified child resistant zipper. The back of the mylar bag is clear, but still has high barrier properties.

We accept customization of bag type, material, capacity,  colors,special finishes, smart opening, accessories,etc.

Custom printed or unprinted is accepted.

Gravure, flexographic and digital printing are available. 

Please note that our MOQ is 5,00 pcs.

We offer free samples for you to test.

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DXC translucent child resistant mylar bags combine safety and practicality. The printed side of the mylar bag allows you to print cannabis brands and instructions for use, while the clear side allows you to view the contents for spoilage.


DXC mylar bags use certified child resistant zips that are truly childproof, making cannabis safe for consumers to use at home and while travelling.


The child proof zipper has a privacy protection function, and this design can not only prevent minors from accidentally eating cannabis , but also improve the practicality of the cannabis bag.

It is suitable for a variety of different occasions. In travel or outdoor activities, the child proof bag can also prevent cannabis from being damaged by rain or other external factors.

We hope more people can choose bags with childproof zippers and maintain excellent usage habits in the process of using them, for their own and others’ health and safety.

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PET/VMPET/PE/aluminum foil/paper/recyclable/compostable

Bag Type

stand up pouch, flat pouch,etc.


laser score, special finishes, etc.


plastic zipper, compostable zipper, child resistant zipper, etc.

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