Custom Cannabis Bag
Custom Cannabis Bag

This custom printed cannabis bag has high barrier properties to retain cannabis odor and block moisture and oxygen. The bag comes with a resealable zip for consumer convenience.

We accept customization of bag type, material, capacity,  colors,special finishes, smart opening, accessories,etc.

Custom printed or unprinted is accepted.

Gravure, flexographic and digital printing are available. 

Please note that our MOQ is 5,00 pcs.

We offer free samples for you to test.

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In recent years, the market for cannabis supplies has emerged as the trend toward legalizing cannabis continues to heat up. Flexible packaging, an important way to package cannabis , has also continued to improve in quality and standards. Customized cannabis bags can showcase the unique logos and images of major brands, which is extremely valuable for brand promotion and publicity.

Custom cannabis bags are the most convenient and effective solution for storing, preserving and shipping cannabis products.

Cannabis has a distinctive and strong odour that can be smelled even from a distance. This can be a problem for both customers looking to make discreet purchases and dispensaries looking to maintain a professional and odour free environment. DXC’s cannabis bags are extremely airtight, while the use of high barrier materials such as barrier coatings or aluminium foil keeps the odour contained inside the bag and prevents it from spreading into the surrounding environment.

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PET/VMPET/PE/aluminum foil/paper/recyclable/compostable

Bag Type

stand up pouch, flat pouch, flat bottom pouch, rollstock film, etc.


laser score, hanging holes, die cut windows, special finishes, etc.


resealable zipper, compostable zipper, child resistant zipper, etc.

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