Recyclable Mylar Bag
Recyclable Mylar Bag

The recyclable mylar bag with child resistant zipper is one of DXC eco-friendly cannabis packaging solutions. The recyclable bag is made of mono PE material and belongs to recycling number 4, over 90% of the bag weight can be recycled, which meets 2030 EU recyclability target.

We accept customization of bag type, material, capacity,  colors,special finishes, smart opening, accessories,etc.

Custom printed or unprinted is accepted.

Gravure, flexographic and digital printing are available. 

Please note that our MOQ is 5,00 pcs.

We offer free samples for you to test.

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Why choose recyclable mylar bags?

Unlike traditional Mylar bags, which can end up in landfill for hundreds of years, recyclable mylar bags are made from mono PE, mono PP or PCR material which reduces waste pollution in the long run. Recyclable mylar bags can be recycled over and over again without any loss of quality.  DXC recyclable mylar bags are tested by Cyclos-HTP Institute ( CHI ), which means our mylar bags are truly recyclable.




Why choose a recyclable mylar bag with child resistance zipper?

By combining eco-friendly materials with child-resistant packaging, businesses can provide their customers with a safe and sustainable product. Recyclable mylar bags with child-resistant ziplocks are perfect for packaging products like cannabis edibles, medicinal drugs, and anything else that requires both security and eco-friendliness.

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Bag Type

flat pouch, flat bottom pouch, stand up pouch, gusset pouch, etc.


frosted, matte, glossy, metallic effect, hot stamp,etc.


resealable zipper, handle, etc.

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