What is Digital Printing?

What is Digital Printing?

    Digital printing is a modern technology that uses digital files to print onto a variety of substrate surfaces, making it a cost-effective way to produce high-quality printed products in rapid, high-volume production.

    Digital printing is becoming increasingly popular and offers the following advantages over traditional printing methods. 

Cost saving

No need to make plates, saving expensive plate making costs. Digital printing is a more cost effective option for businesses and organizations with limited budgets.


Digital presses can produce printed products in a short time, with shorter product turnaround time


Digital presses can print on a variety of substrates, including paper, plastic, metal, recycled and compostable material, making them an excellent choice for businesses and companies that need to produce printed materials on a wide range of materials.


Supports full color printing for more accurate printing. It is great to create images with precise specifications.


Higher resolution and print quality. The resulting prints are clearer and more dynamic, helping to make them stand out.

Environmentally Friendly

Using fewer chemicals reduces the impact on the environment and reduces the risk of chemical exposure to workers in the printing industry. It also produces less noise and air pollution than traditional methods. Is digital printing sustainable? The answer is yes. It uses less material and energy than traditional printing methods. It also uses recyclable materials, reducing the amount of waste generated. Therefore, digital printing is a sustainable and environmentally friendly option.

    DXC PACK has extensive production experience in digital printing. If you want to customize bags, whether in small and or large quantities, we  can meet your requirements.

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