Why is Recyclable Flexible Packaging Growing in Popularity?

Why is Recyclable Flexible Packaging Growing in Popularity?

What is recyclable flexible packaging?

Recyclable flexible packaging is made of mono material and is suitable for mechanical recycling when an recycling system is installed. The EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD) states that by December 31, 2030, at least 70% of the weight of all packaging waste placed on the European market must be recycled.

What are the characteristics of recyclable flexible packaging?

The recyclable flexible packaging has excellent heat seal strength, supports direct surface printing, and its effect on the protection of the contents is the same as ordinary plastic bags.

What does the plastic resin code stand for?

The plastic resin code is the number 1 to 7 on the recyclable symbol and is commonly used to classify packaging of different materials to help consumers identify which items can be recycled.

Recyclable flexible packaging with barrier

The recyclable pouches and films with high barrier materials can block grease, moisture, oxygen and carbon dioxide, etc, and has good protection for the contents, especially suitable for packaging meat, spices, bread, tea, cosmetics, etc.At the same time, the barrier material has basically no effect on the clarity, appearance and color of the recyclable packaging.

Why intermediaries and brands choose recyclable flexible packaging?

    Recyclable flexible packaging is environmentally friendly and sustainable, and the use of recyclable flexible packaging is beneficial for intermediaries and brands to establish a good corporate image.

    Recyclable flexible packaging are widely used in lots of industries, including food, coffee, tea, pet food, clothing, cosmetic, perishable products, etc.

    Recyclable flexible packaging can meet the diverse customization needs of brands and intermediaries. It is mainly reflected in the following four aspects:

• Can be made into different bag types, such as stand up pouches, flat bottom pouches, side gusset pouches, three side sealed pouches, shaped pouches, roll films, etc.

• Supports gravure printing and digital printing, which allows intermediaries and brands to fully display their product introduction, logo, color, characteristic design, etc.

• Supports special customization: hanging holes, die cut windows, laser score, special surface finishes(matte, glossy, frosted, soft touch, hot stamping, etc.).

• The one way degassing valve used for coffee packaging and the zipper are also recyclable.

DXC : Custom recyclable flexible packaging manufacturer

DXC has been producing custom recyclable bags and films since 2016, with rich production experience and custom cases. DXC recyclable bags and films are made of mono PP or PE material, which tested by Cyclos-HTP Institute(CHI)and can be fully compliant with the 2030 EU packaging recyclability target.

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