Overview of Barrier Properties OTR & WVTR of Flexible Packaging

When we design a packaging solution, we can’t get away without two key indicators: OTR and WVTR. so what is OTR, what is WVTR, and what do these two indicators refer to? What is the significance of paying attention to them? Actually, all polymers have varying degrees of permeability to gases and vapours. Therefore the […]

What is Digital Printing?

    Digital printing is a modern technology that uses digital files to print onto a variety of substrate surfaces, making it a cost-effective way to produce high-quality printed products in rapid, high-volume production.     Digital printing is becoming increasingly popular and offers the following advantages over traditional printing methods.  Cost saving No need […]

What Are The Options for The Paper Appearance of Food Packaging Bags?

    Because paper packaging bag is environmentally friendly and easy to use, it occupies the largest proportion of the food packaging bag market. However, the shortcomings of paper pacackaging bags are also very obvious. It can neither store food for a long time, nor can it be waterproof and oxygen-resistant. As a result, there […]